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This is a site dedicated to the Guardians collectible card game released by FPG in the mid '90s. This was a great game featuring beautiful artwork and a complex battle system. The game is now out of print and some cards are extremely difficult to find.

Here you will find alternate rules and game mods (including solo play), homebrew cards, and links to other Guardians sites.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Drifter's Nexus and Necropolis Park Cards Being Listed On eBay

I've been sorting through my cards in preparation for an upcoming post featuring Drifter's Nexus and Necropolis Park cards. In doing so, I realized I have many extra cards that are not being used, and I can really use some money right now. I know these cards have become very hard to find, and as a result, I will be listing them on eBay for only US$1 per card. There will be some rares in there, but not many (most will be commons and uncommons) so you will want to to scoop them up as soon as possible. Here's how it's going to work:

I will list the auction as buy it now for 10 cards for $10. A list will be provided, the buyer will tell me which 10 cards they want. The next auction will work the same way but the sold cards will be taken off the list, so the supply will dwindle as each set of 10 is sold. I'll ship to the U.S., Canada, and Europe. International buyers will have to pay a currency conversion fee, all shipping costs, customs fees, duties and tariffs, but the package will have a tracking#.

Look for the first auction on eBay later today by using their advanced search feature and clicking the "By seller" on the left sidebar. My eBay ID is dreamaholic. Good luck my friends!

Here is the initial list of what I'll be selling. Remember, once they are gone, they are gone...this is all I have. The "x" followed by a number indicates how many copies of the card I have. If there is no "x", I only have one...

10 Gallon Voodoo Hat
Alarm Bells x3
Altar of Takuli x16
Ancient Tome of Dispansation x4
Ankh x4
Annoying Gnats in the Hood x19
Ba Choomba x4
Baezhu, Overlord of Twisted Ways x13
Barrow Downs
Black Locust
Blue Mountain Leechfoot
Buffy, Evil Hornbag
Buzz, Vampire Mosquito x3
Chant of the Osirans
Chief Lector Priest of Sethos x3
Clamjack Bomber x10
Dachas, Supreme Leader
Dead Cats x7
Dead-eye McGrue x4
Death Pit of Djoser x2
Disc of Siin x5
Doogop, the Greedy x4
Dork Age x5
Eater of the Dead x3
Etherwave Magna Lock
Evil Baron Stoner x4
Fan Bearer x6
Fatback Chak x2
Festus x1
Footlocker of Conflagration x2
Gateway To Mystfall
Gehrund, Field Marshal  x2
Geldspar, Court Magician x3
Gift of Isis
Gift of Osirus x4
Gopher x6
Gorcoo x4
Greenback Chak x4
Grunwald The Usurper x2
Heliopolos, Temple of Re x5
High Priest of Sethos x4
High Priestess of Isis
Humahuma x3
Icky Bugs x10
Imhotep, Visier of Djoser
Initiate of Entropy x4
Iron Force of Sethos x3
Ishtar, Queen of the Heap
Ix, Overlord of the Waters x14
Jinshade, Second Called x3
Joomjaba x4
Judge Dredge x2
Jungle x2
K'Hutek, Protector of the Fallen x4
Kurgan, Blademaster of the Exiled
Limited Big Time Rebate x12
Little Voodoo Hat
Longshot Louie x2
Lotus Flower Water Garden
Maitz Motel
Master Tactician x2
Mayor McEvil x4
Mayor McGreed x3
Medicine Man x11
Mighty Tiki God x2
Mocodabi x2
Moheidra, Mistress of Souls x3
Morb's Revenge x6
Mu Kir' Agavati, Second Disciple
Necropolis Park C x2
Necropolis Park L x7
Necropolis Park R x3
Noknaga x8
Nubian Slave Girl x6
Obelisk of Bablos x2
Odious Clamjack x5
Pharaoh Djoser  x2
Phil, Bar Fly x2
Plague Walker x2
Planes of Entropy x3
Press Leak x5
Priestess of Isis x6
Prince of the Lost x4
Pulse Wave x24
Red Master of Shadow x10
River Giant x10
Rock of Far Rolling x14
Rocks at Rhuadan  x7
Rosetta Stone
Rye Beaner x1
S.S. House of Babes
Saboteurs x12
Sales Weasel x4
Sarcophagus of Haidra x9
Scamp Jones x2
Scarab of Bounty x3
Secauris x6
Shackzu, Field Marshal x1
Shadow Bank Job x10
Shadow Beer Heist x7
Shadow Panty Raid x10
Shadow Strike x8
Shield / Terrain Dem Bones x1
Shield Dem Bones 14 x2
Shield Dem Bones 3 x3
Shield Egyptian motif 15 x6
Shield Egyptian motif 5 x6
Shield Standard Bearer Egyptian motif 11 x5
Shield Standard Bearer Egyptian motif 25 x6
Silver Server x4
Slackback Chak x4
Slatch Willer x9
Slim Jab x5
Slor, Overlord of the Wastes
Small Mox x2
Snake Pit
Sneaky Varmit x5
Spirit Mountain
Tavinmoor, First Called x4
The Minx x2
The Ol Switcheroo x13
Theib, Master of Scribes x3
Thief of Shadow x4
Tiger Baloo x16
Tiny Whining Cankerd x4
Tomb of the Bulzuru x4
Tree Ogre x6
U. R. First x2
Uras, Overlord of Mountains x12
Urufa, Queen of Goblins
Voodoo Hat Rack x5
Wanda, Evil Hornbag x1
Warwick's Conversion x6
Whalebone Rick x5
Woodland Troll x16
Woolverine x20
Xaz, Thief of Twilight x3
You Can't See Me, I'm a Vampire x3
Zelda, Bag Lady Bug x5
Zob, Gurgling Gob x2