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This is a site dedicated to the Guardians collectible card game released by FPG in the mid '90s. This was a great game featuring beautiful artwork and a complex battle system. The game is now out of print and some cards are extremely difficult to find.

Here you will find alternate rules and game mods (including solo play), homebrew cards, and links to other Guardians sites.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Solo Adventures deck

Before I run through a sample game of Solo Adventures, here's a post of the deck, Terrain, & Magic Items I'll be using:

Terrain chosen: Jungle, Woods, Tomb of the Bulzuru

Magic Items: Altar of Takuli, Anvil of Heaviness, Champs the Wonder Dog, Footlocker of Conflagration, Gift of Isis, Heliopolos Temple of Re, Medallion of Skyphos, Petrified Heart, Sarcophogus of Haidra, Scarab of Bounty

Guardian: Rak Nam

Stronghold: Carreg Amroth

Champion: Dragon Wing Lord

Starting Shield: Hescox Egyptian Motif 15

Additional Shields
2x Egyptian Motif Standard Bearer 11

2x Rock Spirit
2x Rey, Overlord of Trees
4x Cherub
4x Greater Energy Elemental
4x Bob, Snapping Gob
4x Nob, Rapacious Gob
4x Zob, Gurgling Gob
4x Wraith
4x White Unicorn
4x Energy Well
total = 36

4x Limited Big Time Rebate
4x Dispel Magic
total = 8

1x Sacrificial Altar
1x Teleport Tower
3x Sewage Backup
total = 5

3x Babes
4x Beer
5x Gold
total = 12

total cards = 63

I chose Rak Nam because this deck is heavy channeling and dude can hammer thanks to a large CMP, which is enhanced by Gift of Isis. I went with Dragon Wing Lord because of the AOE value for wiping out small opponents, which cuts down on secondary attacks against you. The Egyptian Shields are for generating Power Stones, and Limited Big Time Rebate is far superior to Make Juice for getting Power Stones, especially during a round of Champion & Guardian combat. Sacrificial Altar is also capable of generating Stones if needed.

Rock Spirit, Sewage Backup, and Anvil of Heaviness are great for overcoming opposing Stronghold bonuses. With Jungle, Woods, Tomb, Dispel Magic, and Rey, I should be able to prevent either Command cards or Ranged Attacks so I'm not hit with both during a combat. Dispel Magic is also very useful for negating nasty opposing Spells like Pestilence and Pepe's Slowdown.

Greater Energy Elemental and Wraith are in there due to excellent receiving of channeling. Energy Well makes a good channeler to other copies of itself and Elemental. Petrified Heart lets you count Well's base vitality of 4 under a Shield instead of the red penalty of 7.

Cherub and Unicorn get good bonuses or destruction of lots of creatures, plus Cherub can receive channeling. The Nobs make great situational secondary attackers.

Teleport Tower is a must for getting a creature to your Shield when you're out in the middle of nowhere, and Medallion can get Cherubs and Nobs out to your Shield too, while the Sarcophogus gets them into your Storage Hand and onto the Teleport Tower or Sacrificial Altar.

Scarab of Bounty boosts card draw.

Altar of Takuli can keep a creature alive after a critical battle, and Footlocker of Conflagration does the same for your Champion.

The name of the deck is "Channel Surfers". Let's see what happens...

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