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This is a site dedicated to the Guardians collectible card game released by FPG in the mid '90s. This was a great game featuring beautiful artwork and a complex battle system. The game is now out of print and some cards are extremely difficult to find.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

C.J. Burke's .sig cards

Ok, so in my last post I said I really missed making cards. A while back I worked up some .sig cards for C.J. - these are cards he would add to his signature when he posted on the usegroup or Yahoo! boards. I decided to start working up some of these cards, to both satisfy my need to create cards and to flush out C.J., who I hadn't heard from in some time.

But that Tanniker Smith has an uncanny knack for appearing in the right place at the right time. He showed up in the comments of the previous post and blew my plan to The Dry Heaps. So I'm going to start posting my vision of his .sig cards, with no need to smoke him out, but still fulfilling my creative outlet. Though we don't have a set name for his cards, I have used the Delta symbol to signify that these are .sig cards. This may change in the future if C.J. decides he wants a different symbol - it's an easy change to make. Some of his .sig cards were made into Seven Seas cards, so those will not be included here. Also, artwork may be very difficult to find for others, but I'll do my best, and use original Guardian artists when possible, though I will continue to use Whelan. In the meantime, here comes the first .sig card I made for C.J. - the Stone Gargoyle:

I'll be posting more cards soon - I've completed 10 already...

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