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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Events: single border or double border?

I'd like to take a brief break from card creation to talk about Events. I have scoured CJ’s blog & website, Phil’s website, and the Yahoo! Group, and one thing I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere in the creation of Event cards is whether they are single border or double border on the back. So which is it? In my opinion they should be double-bordered, and here’s why…

Single-bordered cards are represented by Terrain, Shields, Stronghold Upgrades/Downgrades, Creatures, and Accessory & Creature Magic Items. These are all physical items that either move around the playfield, or in the case of Upgrades/Downgrades and Accessories, are permanently attached to Strongholds or Guardians.

Now consider the double-bordered cards: Spells, Bribery, and Hand Magic Items. While it’s true that Hand Magic Items are a physical item, they do not move around the playfield, nor are they attached to something on the playfield. Like Spells and Bribery, they are effects that change conditions in the game.

When considering Events, the very name itself suggests that these are also effects. The definition of an event is either an occasion/happening/incident, or it is a result/consequence/outcome. Either way it influences or has an effect on the game, rather than being physically attached to something on the playfield or moving around the playfield.

I have therefore concluded that Events should be double-bordered cards. This has little impact on the game, other than the fact that it goes into your Storage Depot instead of your Creature Pen. Some cards do affect the Storage Depot or Creature Pen, or affect cards based on whether they are single- or double-bordered. They fact that Events are double-bordered is very important if you are going to print your own cards, however.

1 comment:

(x, why?) said...

I have to say that I never thought about it, probably because I never thought that they would ever actually be printed.

But, yes, Events are similar to Spells in that you cast one at a certain time and that's that. (But they aren't Spells, which is important to remember, too.)

So that would indicated that double borders are in order.