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This is a site dedicated to the Guardians collectible card game released by FPG in the mid '90s. This was a great game featuring beautiful artwork and a complex battle system. The game is now out of print and some cards are extremely difficult to find.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Final "Entries" for First Circle of Hell Stronghold

My last couple of submissions for Stronghold art...

Here's #3:

And #4:

To me, #4 is similar to C.J.'s description of #1; it looks more like a place of darkness than of fiery torment. But I'll let you all be the judge. C.J., more thoughts? I can't make up my mind between #2 & #3...


Anonymous said...

Both are awesome.

I'd say that #4 would be great strongholf for your next expansion ;)

And I can't choose between 2 & 3 either.

#2 looks more surreal and disquieting, maybe because it's stretched.

#3 is more clear, and I like tornados.

Some CCGs use different images for the same card (like lands in MtG). If you can't decide, you can just make two different versions of this stronghold (like you did with Pet Dragon card)


(x, why?) said...

I like both 2 and 3, and I have to agree with SLP, above, that #2 is a bit surreal.

That said, if you think that #2 doesn't represent a Stronghold very well (and I see your point there), then #3 is the way to go. Great visuals, split level, a lot of chaos. It fits nicely.

But save the others. You never know.

Jackalwere said...

Thanks for all the feedback. C.J., I think you misunderstand - I like #2 as a Stronghold, I was refering to another image that SLP directed me to, which I think would work really well as Terrain.

I think we'll go with #3. I guess my feelings about the difference between #2 & #3 can be explained thus: #3 looks like the fiery bowels of Hell, while #2 looks like something out of Limbo...where Limbo is a place of constant change and chaos, full of both wonders and horrors, not necessarily evil, but frightening at times.

I think I would like to save some of these images for another expansion.

And SLP is exactly right - MtG uses multiple images for Lands. I think that if anyone wanted to use the original Easley artwork that C.J. likes, go for it. I had a hang-up with having duplicate artwork, but to each his own.

I'll post larger images of Stronghold #3 soon...