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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Buster Scrimbo's Card Profile #2: Bellaret, Third Called

Type:  Elemental (Traithe)
Set:  Necropolis Park

Text:  "2 pt. ranged attack. Add the sum of the unmodified point values of any other ranged attacks already played on this match-up to Bellaret's ranged attack."

Buster Scrimbo's Analysis:

"What in the Nexus are ye doin' back here again? More learnin'? I should charge ye tuition! Anywho, this Bellaret gal be one o' the three Elementals known as Traithes, and they all come from the Necropolis Park area. The artist that drew 'em, Elmore, be a fine fellow - his Snarfquest be one o' the funniest tales ye ever heard spun.

The Traithes like to take other folks' ranged attacks and add 'em to their own. Bellaret, bein' Third Called, be the weakest o' the bunch with a 2 point ranged attack and a 4 Vitality. There be a total of 25 folks with ranged attacks, and Bellaret works well with all o' 'em, but perhaps none more so than Thunder Hawk, Tavinmoor, Doomwing, and Pirates. When workin' with Thunder Hawk, Bellaret adds the Hawk's 13 point range attack to her own, resultin' in a total 28 point range attack between the two! That be enough to take out biggies like Ba'tes, Titans, and even most Guardians, from two creatures that only stack as an 11, and that ain't countin' the primary matchup creature! And she be good with Doomwing too, creatin' a total 14 point attack. When combined with Tavinmoor, Bellaret's attack be 7 fer a total range attack o' 12 'tween the both.

Another good use fer Bellaret be to have her hangin' out with those scurvy Pirate folk. Eagle Eye McFinney gives her +2, and Gunner and Master Gunner give a good boost to her range attack, too. Put her under either one o' the Ox Standard Bearers fer even higher ranged attack values.

But where Bellaret really shines be as a sniper on a Ranged Attack Platform attached to yer Stronghold, where she can use her ability while shootin' into a combat happenin' up to two spaces away! With her on the Platform instead o' under the Shield, the 4 Vitality she woulda taken up can go towards a Cabin Boy, Gunner, or Scurvy Dog instead.

Sure, her ranged attack value ain't as good as Tavinmoor's or Jinshade's. But it ain't her ranged attack value that be special, it be her ability, and that ability be exactly the same as 'em other two Traithes, while only takin' up 4 Vitality under a Shield. That be downright impressive!

Say, did I ever tell ye about the time I mistaked Jinshade fer a Babe on the S.S. House o' Babes? That were a prickly affair fer sure! It all started when Jibber made me a dare..."

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