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Friday, December 26, 2014

Buster Scrimbo's Card Profile #4: Death Pit of Djoser

Type:  Stronghold Upgrade (Right Side)
Set:  Necropolis Park

Text:  "You may place one Undead creature face-up in the Death Pit during the Draw and Organize Phase.

Command Ability: Spend one Power Stone to add the Undead from the Pit to your Combat Hand, but only if the combat takes place on one of the two spaces directly in front of this upgrade."

Buster Scrimbo's Analysis:

"If yer ever wanderin' through Necropolis Park and ye take a wrong turn into the Death Pits of Djoser, ye best beat a hasty retreat. That Death Pit be a nasty place fer sure. Ye don't wanna be pokin' around there at night, by cracky! Zombies, Vampires, Witch Lords, Wraiths...there be some scary folks hangin' out around  them parts, and the howls and screams in that place might even make a Paladin a little weak in the knees!

But the Pit has its uses...in fact, the only thing that keeps this card from breakin' the game is that it be limited to the two spaces in front o' it. Addin' a card to yer combat hand usin' the Pit is a sneaky way to get around the 30 Vitality Limit of a Shield. Remember that when combat begins, ye pick up the creatures under yer Shield and, if desired, all yer Storage Depot cards. At that time, various card effects from Spells to Command Cards be in play, and ye cease to be bound by the Shield Vitality Limit durin' combat. So playin' the Pit as yer Command Card allows ye to choose some pretty heavy hitters to add to yer Combat Hand, like Arms o' the Earth, Barrow Wight, Eternal Witch Lord, or Wraith. The Pit text don't say much o' anythin' about what happens to the creature after combat if it survives. Well, just know that it becomes part o' the Shield, so it counts towards winnin' the space, but it also might force a discard o' a creature to get the Shield back under the Vitality Limit.

These be just a few examples o' what be possible with the Pit. Some folks say this place be way too powerful, but remember that a Command Card can be dispelled with Dispel Magic, so ye might want to keep a few handy. Say, did I tell ye about the time I had a wee bit too much to drink and wandered into the Pit, where I ran into a Shadrune? I had to change me shorts later and quit drinkin' fer a month..."

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