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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Buster Scrimbo's Card Profile #3: Captain South America

Type:  External (O-Men)
Set:  Drifter's Nexus

Text:  "When the Captain is played as a primary attacker, add your Shield's Up-card number to the Captain's Base Vitality."

Buster Scrimbo's Analysis:

"The Captain is one o' five O-Men that appeared out o' the Drifter's Nexus. Why do folks call 'em O-Men, yer askin'? Well, legend has it that X-Men were already took, and since X's and O's go hand in hand in game strategy, O-Men were good alternative. Plus ye can't ignore the fact that it sounds like the word "omen" when sayin' it out loud. Pretty darn clever if ye ask me!

When stacked up against the other O-Men, the Captain probably be the most useful, just ahead o' that Woolverine character. Captain only has 1 Vitality but stacks as a 10, so there be a pretty stiff penalty fer puttin' him under a Shield. Since ye wanna use Shields that have high Up-card numbers (at least 9 or higher to make it worth the stackin' penalty), ye gotta decide if losin' LUC (from all the high Up-card numbers ye'd be puttin' in yer deck) be worth havin' the Captain around.

The best fit as far as Shield sets to use has gotta be Dem Bones. With high Shield Up-card numbers (14, 16), high Standard Bearer numbers (15, 19) and the highest Shield/Terrain value of 15, the Captain will always have a Vitality o' 15 to 20 while stackin' as a 10! The Standard Bearers also be pretty darn helpful, 'cause the Captain has a lot o' vices (Babes, Beer, and Gold!), so one o' the Dem Bones Standard Bearers gives him +2 Vitality, while the other allows ye to change any one bribery icon - so ye could change a lips to a beer mug if he's about to be bribed by Babes, and it don't matter none if Captain already has a beer mug icon - yer allowed to change any icon to another icon, period...nothin' says ye can't have two o' the same!

Another Shield set that works good be the Dark set. Although the highest Shield and Shield/Terrain Up-card values ain't great (9-13), the Dark Standard Bearers have a value o' 14 and 16, and the one with 16 not only gives the Captain a 17 Vitality, it also keeps him from bein' bribed. Nice!

If ye can't stop the Captain from being bribed, ye may want to keep some Shadow Bank Job, Shadow Beer Heist, and Shadow Panty Raids handy, to prevent and steal opposin' bribery cards, which ye could combine with a Mighty Tiki God to pump up yer primary matchups.

Say, did I ever tell ye that I considered bein' a O-Man when I was younger? They was callin' me 'Pubcrawler'..."

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(x, why?) said...

Though it's in Necropolis Park, there is a Standard Bearer with a Up of 25, making the Captain a bit more powerful, especially when combined with a Petrified Heart from Dagger Isle.